New Horizons

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  • Completed 4 PRs for Hacktoberfest- AngularJS, Siri-Tesla-HomeKit contraption & a heroku deployment doc…. So I’m getting a T-shirt & some cool stickers! Yay 😄!

  • 3 Projects in tow for November, also got 100 orders for the Raspberry Pi 3 (3D printed case) from a startup in Bangalore!

  • iOS tricks

    Get a free DUNS number from this link Awaiting mine now.

    Added iOS 10 support to Xcode 7.2.1 (LoLz this didnt even have 9.3 😂)

  • New years target- Hit each of the 29 Categories on the PlayStore with 2 apps fused with an Ad-mediator by MoPub & the likes.

  • Almost forgot my diwali present 😅, I bought the Dell P2417H monitor for ₨10800($160) directly from Dell.