April Rush

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I got new gear inlcuding books like ‘Getting Started with TF’ & ‘AI: A Modern Approach by Russell & Norvig’. Also a grey cutting mat to up the cool-factor of my desk(not really, it’s just to protect the wooden table top from further damage by screwdrivers & cutters).

I also made a new Raspberry Pi 3 case based off of the “old-new” Mac Pro(trash-can design), aptly named ‘Pi Pro’.

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Juggling several projects at once, the SingleCopter, an Angular 2 dashboard, an Ionic 2 Video-chat app & a Native Android Broadcasting app using Kurento.

Goals for this month include-

  • Getting TF running on the Pi to make a general purpose sorter with an Android phone & NodeMCU board for minimum setup time from the get-go.

  • opencv/TF assisted photogrammetry or maybe even using GANs to help with making accurate models from collected pics.

  • Drone application for FlatBend photos, it’s just a convexed panoramic trajectory which goes from facing forward to finally looking down at max height.